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Our Family's Recipes From Indian Brought To Brentwood

Step into the world of Tasty Temptations, where the magic of aromatic spices and time-honored recipes unfolds. Our expertise lies in curating delectable dishes that tantalize diverse palates. Dedication to premium ingredients and genuine flavors guarantees an unforgettable dining journey, celebrating India’s culinary legacy. Join us and savor a harmonious blend of flavors.

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Pav Bhaaji
Pav Bhaji is a flavorful and hearty dish – a medley of mashed vegetables cooked with aromatic spices and served with buttery pav bread. It’s a street food classic that’s both comforting and satisfying.
Pani Puri
Experience the burst of flavors with Pani Puri – hollow, crispy spheres filled with spicy tangy water, mashed potatoes, and a medley of chutneys. It’s the ultimate street food adventure
in a single bite.
Dahi Puri
“Dahi Puri is a delightful symphony of flavors and textures – crispy puris filled with creamy yogurt, tangy tamarind chutney, and a savory potato mixture. It’s a cooling and satisfying
treat for your taste buds.
Bhel Puri
Bhel Puri is a crunchy and zesty snack featuring puffed rice mixed with chopped vegetables, tangy chutneys, and a burst of spices. It’s the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy.
Paneer Paratha
Paneer Paratha is a flavorful flatbread filled with a luscious mixture of crumbled paneer cheese and aromatic spices. Each bite offers a delightful blend of soft, flaky layers and rich, creamy filling, making it a favorite among cheese enthusiasts.
Alu Paratha
Aloo Paratha is a beloved Indian flatbread filled with a spiced potato stuffing. These golden, flaky parathas are generously stuffed and pan-fried to golden perfection, offering a comforting and satisfying meal.
Gobi Paratha
Gobi Paratha is a wholesome treat featuring a filling of finely grated cauliflower blended with spices. The result is a deliciously crispy and nutritious flatbread, bursting with the
earthy flavors of cauliflower.
Alu Pyaaz Paratha
Aloo Pyaaz Paratha combines the heartiness of potatoes and the sweetness of onions within a warm, flaky flatbread. The filling’s savory and slightly sweet notes create a delightful harmony, making this paratha a comforting choice for any meal

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